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Hydrogen Mobility

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The hydrogen tank, the core component of FCEV, is a technology-intensive product that can withstand a high pressure of 700 Bar with carbon fiber composite materials wound around the non-metal liner.

Our hydrogen tank is very safe and light-weight as the ultralight composite material technology is applied. In particular, it has differentiated performance and safety due to our own stress test as well as the minimum test for regulations and homologation. We are providing not only tanks, but also the best storage systems that meet various customer needs.

We provide products that can be used in various areas, e.g. forklifts, ships and trains as well as passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

[Key Applications]

- fuel cell electric vehicles : passenger cars, small trucks, minivans, HD trucks, etc.
- others : fork lifts, drones, ships, trains, etc.

[Major Certifications]

- KGS (Korea)
- EC79 (Europe)
- UNR134 (global)
- KHK (Japan)

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